Rules And Regulations

The students enrolled in our Institution should strictly adhere to therules and regulations set by Sir Issac Newton Group of Institutions Management and any serious violation would result instringent disciplinary actions including fine, suspension and debarring from attending University examinations

Ragging is not at all tolerated within the campus or in the hostels.

Showing respect to the Teaching/non-teaching staff and the seniors should be cultured within one’s inner self. This cannot be taught or compelled.

Take care of the College properties. Keep the campus clean. Do not loiter around during leisure hours.

Use of cell phones, MP3 players & other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the college during class hours and intervals.

Students should have minimum attendance as per the university mandate to be eligible to attend the university examinations.

As part of curriculum, daily morning yoga practices, evening prayers are mandatory for all students. Attendance for this session is also considered for eligibility to appear for University Examinations.

All students should partake in academic activities such as workshops, seminars, conference, Yoga & Naturopathy camps.

Students should clear I and II BNYS subjects before entering into III BNYS and all III and IV BNYS subjects should be cleared before entering internship

Identity card will be issued on admission which would be valid for the entire duration of the course. Students are supposed to wear the card around the neck in class rooms, seminars / conferences and permitted outings.

All students should be perfectly groomed with decent clothing. Boys are not allowed to wear denim cloths, casual footwear like sports shoes, slippers, sandals etc. Also girls should not attendthe classes in casual clothes, slippers etc. Girl students should not leave their hair loose.

Prescribed dress code for students are – Track Suits for YogaPractices, White Aprons for theory classes and kitchen aprons for Nutrition and Herbology and Fasting and Diet therapy practical classes.

The Principal/Dean or his/her designee of the College has the power to inform student’s parents about any offence or this information will ultimately be beneficial to upgrade the students’ behaviour and to reform their total personality .