Career Opportunity

Most of the Naturopaths can also enter the field through private practice. Naturopathy professionals can work individually as a holistic health practitioner, therapeutic yoga expert, and acupuncture expert or takeup a group practice with other physicians in multi-speciality hospitals. Job opportunities are available as consultants in Wellness centres, Nutrition centres, Hospitals and Health care centres, etc.

Other career opportunities include academics, community health service, social welfare, manufacturing and sale of naturopath products and running health retreats. There is a mounting demand for Naturopaths in the field of education, and thus, they can also work as faculties in Universities and Medical Colleges.

The graduates also have a broad scope for pursuing higher education, such as M.D., M.S., PhD. Research positions are an option for those with the aptitude and interest in Research & Development. In India and abroad Naturopaths are appointed in government as well as private hospitals and health centres.